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Underpinning Puts Foundation on Solid Ground

ECP’s Helical Underpinning System permanently solves your home’s settling foundation problem.

Ground Movement Affects Foundation

Infographic showing ECP's Helical Underpinning Process

If your foundation is cracked, sloping or sinking, the soil beneath is likely the culprit.

A home’s foundation comes in direct contact with the ground.

The foundation’s primary purpose is to join the structure of the building to soil or rock beneath. 

However, the partnership between a foundation and the ground beneath can be volatile.

The movement of the soil can seriously damage a home’s foundation.

While a foundation may seem like a solid, immovable force, the ground around it is constantly moving and changing.

Graphic showing home and ground beneath cut-a-way to show helical underpinning anchors.
Underpinning helps your home’s foundation sit on solid ground.

If unresolved, the structural integrity of your home could be at risk.

Underpinning Stabilizes Foundation

Underpinning is the process of strengthening and stabilizing the foundation. 

During the process, helical anchors are driven beneath the foundation until they hit a stable soil level, often called “bedrock.”

The anchors are attached to brackets, which are installed to support the foundation.

ECP’s hydraulic manifold lift then synchronizes the lifting procedure, raising the foundation back to its original level.

The helical anchors are installed to a predetermined torque to support the weight of your house.

Instead of unstable soil, your home’s foundation, with the help of helical anchors, now sits on solid bedrock.

The entire purpose of underpinning is to ensure a foundation now rests on a more supportive soil stratum. 

ECPs Helical Underpinning System is designed and engineered to perform.

The patented design is Made in America and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

For more information about ECP’s Helical Underpinning System, contact us! 

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