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light pole support anchors

Light Pole Support Anchors

Engineers and Installers can depend on ECP’s light pole foundations. DOT’s and Municipalities across the country have approved these foundations. As a cost and time savings versus concrete foundations, ECP’s helical light pole foundations are the right tool for the job.

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exterior waterproofing

Exterior Waterproofing

ECP offers exterior waterproofing to help reduce flooding in those exterior hardscape and landscape areas. Our exterior waterproofing products include channel drains, drywells, and surface drains.

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Interior Waterproofing

Interior Waterproofing

ECP offers interior waterproofing to stop moisture and condensation in its tracks. Our interior waterproofing products include sump pumps, sump basin, interior drainage, crack injection, and carbon fiber repair.

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Crawlspace encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation

ECP’s Crawl Space Encapsulation service provides an energy-efficient way to reducing humidity levels in your home’s crawl space. We use high capacity free-standing dehumidifiers, as well as, a high-performance vapor barrier.

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Rhino Carbon Fiber

Rhino Carbon Fiber

If you’re looking for the strongest carbon fiber on the market, let us install Rhino Carbon Fiber. Rhino Carbon Fiber is designed to support and stabilize bowed and buckling foundation walls. It’s the only patented carbon fiber system that connects to the footer and protects your foundation against movement.

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Push pier


Push piers, often referred to as resistance piers, are an excellent foundation repair solution for settling foundations. They are driven deep into the soil to lift and support weak foundations for commercial buildings, brick structures, and residential homes.

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helical piers


Our patented Helical Pier System permanently stabilizes your home’s foundation and is manufactured and engineered to perform. Using small construction equipment, the ECP helical piers are mechanically “drilled” through the shifting soil to a stable, load-bearing strata. After the installation has reached the specified depth and verified capacity, a steel foundation bracket is connected to…

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Slab Repair


A sunken slab should be repaired right away to avoid tripping hazards and decrease your real estate value. We offer helical piers and push piers to lift and support sunken slab back to normal.

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Photo of wall repair using one of ECPs methods


If the structure of your building or home is bowing or cracking, we offer a variety of wall repair options to stabilize your foundation. Our repair methods include helical tiebacks, plate anchors, and carbon fiber.

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