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Featured Job Friday: Monolithic Concrete Retaining Wall with ECP Helical Piers & Tieback Anchors

California is known to have beautiful cliffside homes and buildings that have stunning views. They also have issues with stability, and with seismic activity and landslides causing unstable soils. Very commonly retaining walls of epic proportions are needed and this example from FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL in Carlsbad, CA is no exception.

Investors Need Help with a Hillside Property in San Clemente, CA

FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL owner, Peter Zoschak explained a job they had in San Clemente, CA. He was approached in regards to an investment property on a hillside that was very close to the edge of a slope. The investors got a great deal on the property but knew the first priority had to be shoring up the slope. Peter’s team proposed a monolithic pour earth retention wall that was 16 inches wide. It was 10 feet tall with 5 feet above ground and 5 feet buried beneath the ground. The retaining wall was complete with rebar and numerous ECP helical tiebacks anchors and helical piers embedded in the concrete. This allowed the property to be updated and it is now safely supported by the retaining wall.

Peter actually told us of another job that he did recently in Dana Point, CA where the homeowner needed a similar retaining wall but they didn’t want to see it. They were able to completely bury the retaining wall while still providing the support needed for the slope. With the concrete, helical tiebacks, and helical piers these types of properties are protected from common conditions the hillside homes in California face for years and years to come.

FOUNDATIONS ON THE LEVEL specializes in foundation repairs, crack repairs, slab releveling, and retaining walls all over the Southern California area. To learn more about Peter and his company you can visit their website or reach Peter directly by phone at 760-889-8150 or by email at

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