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Red Flags that Your Property has Oversaturated Soils

Red Flags that Your Property has Oversaturated Soils

Expansive soils that are oversaturated with water are a leading cause of foundation problems. Around the country currently, we have seen weather problems and flooding that have causes foundation problems and failures. The East Coast has a tropical storm that is being upgraded to a hurricane that will inevitably cause problems there. So we know flooding is an issue. But how do you know that your home and property is at risk?

The Red Flags

1. Changes to your driveway, curbs, or sidewalks. Even the street in front of your home could be an indicator. Look for cracks or changes in the levelness of your driveway or sidewalks. Check for tripping hazards caused by heaving of the concrete. Check around your garage door for gaps between the garage doors and the concrete pavement. Also look for cracks in your garage columns. This is a sign that the soil beneath is expanding due to oversaturation. Cracks can be a problem here too because they allow a new way for water to get beneath the concrete so it is important to keep that in mind.

2. Gutters and downspouts and the areas around them. When it rains watch the flow of water through your gutters and downspouts. You may notice water flowing over the tops of gutters. You might also notice if the grading around your home doesn’t lead water down and away from the foundation, you may start seeing other problems such as concrete cracks or water in your basement/crawl space.

3. Do you water your lawn? If so you could be causing oversaturation of the soil. If water pools in your yard after watering or after a big rain you could have an issue. Look for pooling water after you water your lawn or after a big rain as this can be a big indicator of oversaturation.

4. Cracks in other places throughout your home. Cracks don’t just happen in sidewalks and driveways. They happen in drywall, floor tiles, corners of walls, and in the ceiling. Check the caulk around your countertops too. If it is cracked or the countertops appear to be pulling away from the way this could indicate problems.

5. Even though this is a more obvious sign, check for water or moisture in your basement or crawl space. Musty odors could be an indicator of a damp crawl space as well. This may indicate a problem. One thing to point out here is that moisture brings another danger: Mold. This could put your family at risk (or your employees if you own a business!) Mold can cause problems for people with allergies but also cause sickness in otherwise healthy individuals including eye irritation, breathing problems, skin irritation and

Be Aware and Ask for Help

By taking notice of the red flags above and calling for help you can protect the investment you have in your home or business. Make sure to contact a foundation repair company like those in the ECP Network of Contractors to get an estimate for repairs. Repairs are always less expensive than replacement when it comes to foundation repair costs. Don’t wait if you see the warning signs!

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