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Plate Anchors Fix Bowed Walls

Cutaway illustration of basement showing walls bowing in. Red arrows point toward the bowed section of the wall.
Bowed foundation walls occur when there is excessive lateral pressure from the soil surrounding the home.

Curves are good on mountain roads, graphic charts, and winding rivers, but a curve in your basement wall means trouble. Bowed walls are a serious foundation issue but can be fixed with plate anchors.

A basement foundation wall is leaning inward is considered bowed. Bowing occurs when there is excessive lateral pressure from soil surrounding the home.

The pressure may be caused by expansive clay soils that expand and contract as moisture in the ground increases or decreases.

An accumulation of water in the soil (known as hydrostatic pressure) may force a wall inward.

Frost also can lead to wall failure as soil against the wall freezes and applies pressure.

Ignoring a bowing wall could be catastrophic. If the wall isn’t repaired, it may eventually collapse, causing serious structural damage to a home.

The Solution

A plate anchor wall system is the preferred solution for bowed or leaning walls. Using ECP Plate Anchors, the installation process can be completed in one day.

House graphic with three pull-out circles showing a wall plate, earth plate and the rod connecting the two.
A plate anchor system consists of a wall plate inside the foundation attached to an exterior earth plate by a steel rod.

In a plate anchor wall system, holes are dug in the soil away from the foundation wall. Rods are driven through small holes in the basement wall and connected to exterior anchors installed deep in the soil.

On the interior of the foundation wall, a wall plate is placed and then secured to the rod.

A wall plate is placed on the interior of the foundation wall and then secured to the rod.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development noted a plate anchor wall system “stops further movement and, with proper tension, will eliminate some, if not all, of the bowing over time.”

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