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The ECP PPB-300 Steel Pier provides a two-stage system of driving steel pilings to a verified bearing stratum. By using our unique manifold system, you can recover lost elevation of the structure. The PPB-300 pier system can be used to close cracks in masonry and restore other flaws such as separations at doors and windows caused by settlement.

The Patented ECP PPB-300 steel pier is the standard in steel underpinning. Our design and engineering allows you to use ECP push pier technology to structurally underpin foundations down to a true load bearing stratum. The steel pier design penetrates the soil deeply beyond the active expansive clay soils to support structures from either the interior or exterior of the structure As the leaders in steel pier technologies, we are known for the strongest and deepest driving pier systems available in today’s market.

Features of the ECP PPB-300

• Ultimate Capacity – 68,000 lb
• Standard Lift – 4”
• Fully Adjustable Unlimited Lift Capability
• Installs From Outside or Inside Structure
• Installs With Portable Equipment
• Installed With Little or No Vibration
• Installs To Rock or Verified Load Bearing Stratum
• 100% of Piers Field Load Tested During Installation

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