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Project Of The Year Deadline

Submission Deadline For the past few years, Earth Contact Products has chosen a Project of the Year award to recognize partners who do exceptional work. The submission deadline for 2020 is Thursday, October 1st. We at ECP look forward to reviewing all applicant projects. Every year, we see excellent craftsmanship from leading partners around the…

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permanent solution for pool settlement

Permanently Fix a Settling Pool Part II | Ask a Registered Engineer

POOL SETTLEMENT REQUIRES A PERMANENT REPAIR SOLUTION The first thing to understand is that the continuing settlement of the pool suggests that the soil below the pool has insufficient strength to support the weight of the filled swimming pool. A permanent solution for settlement is to install structural underpinning with sufficient capacity to reduce, or…

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permanently fix settling pool

Permanently Fix a Settling Pool Part I | Ask a Registered Engineer

“Two years ago we mud jacked our cracked and settled pool. Today our swimming pool is worse than before we repaired it. How do you permanently fix this problem?”  This is a common complaint amongst pool owners. After I walk you through what is happening in the ground, you will understand that mudjacking isn’t a…

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packing luggage

Do I Have to Pack up My House Before Foundation Work Begins?

Ask a Registered Professional Engineer Series By: Donald J Clayton, PE – Registration No. TX37112 “Must I Pack Everything” “My husband and I have signed a contract to repair our foundation. I am very worried about damage to photos and items on the walls and shelves. Must I pack everything safely away before the work…

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Push pier

ECP PPB-300 | Commercial Structural Repair for the Residential Market

The ECP PPB-300 Steel Pier provides a two-stage system of driving steel pilings to a verified bearing stratum. By using our unique manifold system, you can recover lost elevation of the structure. Additionally, the PPB-300 pier system can be used to close cracks in masonry and restore other flaws such as separations at doors and…

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Can you fix a chimney without tearing it down?

Ask a Registered Professional Engineer Series By: Donald J Clayton, PE – Registration No. TX37112 What you are describing is not uncommon for two-story houses with an exterior masonry chimney. If the chimney is located on the gable end of the house, the chimney could be as tall as 30 feet. When you consider all…

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Concrete Leveling Training Course in Kansas City Area with PolyPier

Training Opportunities at ECP

There are three main training opportunities each year at ECP. Our goal is to make it easy for you to get training for yourself and your team to be able to install and use the best products available for your customers. When your customers have a good experience, you win! Here is a bit of…

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polypier school logo

The Power of PolyPier | A State-of-the-Art Solution for Common Concrete Problems

Whether you’re repairing a sunken floor slab, pool deck, or patio, PolyPier is a state-of-the-art solution for common concrete problems. Unfortunately for homeowners, virtually every type of concrete flatwork will be susceptible to sinking at some point. However, with the power of PolyPier, there’s no need to worry about costly concrete replacements. Generally, homeowners would…

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pro series pump

A Look at Our Pro Series Combination Pumps

PS-C11 Combination Pumps First we have our PS-C11 Combination Pumps which have a variety of features and benefits. This sump pump comes pre-assembled with primary and backup sump pump so installation is quick and easy. When you use this sump pump you receive double the protection against water since the backup pump will assist the…

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Demonstration of concrete lifting/leveing at PolyPier Training at ECP

Why You Should Join The ECP Network Part 2

Many companies claim they offer superior services. Some do believe that superior service is what they offer their clients, but few actually deliver that level of product and service. My Foundation Repairs has a network of contractors that do provide superior foundation repair and we want to share with you the reasons that they can…

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