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Waterproofing Job of the Year by Foundation Worx

2020 Waterproofing Job of the Year

Congratulations to the Winner of the 2020 Waterproofing Job of the Year: Foundation Worx! PROJECT OVERVIEW FOR JOB OF THE YEAR: Foundation Worx was engaged to repair two multi-family buildings that had structural and water issues. One of the multi-family buildings had a bowing front wall in their basement, along with water intrusion in the…

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2020 PolyPier Job of the Year

2020 PolyPier Job of the Year

Congratulations to the winner of the 2020 PolyPier Job of the Year: Foundation Professionals of Florida (FPI) PROJECT OVERVIEW POLYPIER JOB OF THE YEAR: The work efforts covered within this project consist of Foundation Professionals of Florida (FPI) furnishing supervision, labor, materials, and equipment necessary to perform injection of a plural component structural polyurethane grout.…

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waterproofing systems to fit your needs

Waterproofing Systems to Fit Your Needs

Waterproofing Tools to Fit Your Needs Interior Waterproofing Interior waterproofing systems are designed to help keep water out of your home or business structure, and are installed inside to prevent potential water issues. At ECP, our interior waterproofing products include sump pumps, sump basins, interior drainage, crack injection tools, and carbon fiber repairs. Moreover, interior waterproofing…

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Permanently Fix a Settling Pool Part IV

Permanently Fixing a Settling Pool Part IV | Ask a Registered Engineer

The Final Step To Permanently Fixing A Settling Pool: The Installation and Repair Process Once a proper helical screw pile configuration has been designed to support your pool at the optimum depth below the surface, and the layout in the bottom of the pool shell where each pile will be installed is determined; the repair…

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Winners! 2020 Project of the Year

2020 Project of the Year Winners!

Congratulations to the two-time winner: Dalinghaus Construction! Project Overview: The impact of earthquakes in California can vary on a daily basis as well as the impact(s) that they can have on the various structures.  The same can be said with the solar structure that Dalinghaus Construction was asked to help repair.  This solar field was impacted by an…

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clear air quality and blue skies

ECP products =Quality Air

Air Quality Challenges Earth Contact Products strives to create quality products for all of its clients and partners alike. Therefore, air efficiency this time of year is particularly important. With the changing seasons, and increased precipitation in the fall months, air quality challenges in the home can become more noticeable. In fact, between allergy season,…

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our earth our community our partners

ECP’s Commitment- Four Reasons You Should ‘Fall’ Into ECP

#1-ECP’s Commitment to Earth ECP’s commitment to our planet is pretty clear. Firstly, ECP considers itself a sustainable company that strives to produce recyclable products. In fact, ECP believes that recycling is one of the simplest ways to show our dedication to the earth. According to ECP, “Recycling is not just a word it is…

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successful pool design

Permanently Fix a Settling Pool Part III | Ask a Registered Engineer

A Successful Pool Repair Requires Evaluation and Design. In order to permanently fix a settling pool, engineers will recommend a geotechnical soil evaluation. This is important to do before preparing a swimming pool repair design. A successful pool repair requires careful evaluations of soil and pool construction. This support capacity is needed to guarantee no…

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Project Of The Year Deadline

Submission Deadline For the past few years, Earth Contact Products has chosen a Project of the Year award to recognize partners who do exceptional work. The submission deadline for 2020 is Thursday, October 1st. We at ECP look forward to reviewing all applicant projects. Every year, we see excellent craftsmanship from leading partners around the…

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permanent solution for pool settlement

Permanently Fix a Settling Pool Part II | Ask a Registered Engineer

POOL SETTLEMENT REQUIRES A PERMANENT REPAIR SOLUTION The first thing to understand is that the continuing settlement of the pool suggests that the soil below the pool has insufficient strength to support the weight of the filled swimming pool. A permanent solution for settlement is to install structural underpinning with sufficient capacity. This reduces or…

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