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Doors and Windows Sticking

Is it really a problem?

If your windows stick is it really a problem?A question we get frequently is about doors and window alignment. Homeowners and business owners notice that there is a change in the way that their doors or windows close in their frames. They sometimes stick or are hard to open and close.  Let’s talk a bit about the seriousness of this problem and if you should call a foundation repair contractor.

What causes doors and windows to stick?

Sometimes, people notice after it rains that their doors and windows stick. Humidity is known to cause this problem. The wood can swell slightly and that may be all that is causing your problem.

You also might want to check the hinges on your doors. If they are misaligned or have moved this can change how the door opens and closes. If hinges are rusting or old, this may be leading to issues as well.

The door or window can warp over time as well causing a change in how they move.

doors and windows sticking may just be from bad hinges or humidity

The problem COULD be your foundation.

Another possible cause, however, is a shifting of soils beneath your foundation. This is a much more serious problem. If the problems above don’t seem to be the reason that your door sticks in its frame or you have a hard time opening and closing your windows you want to have a foundation repair contractor check it out. We recommend checking your home or business for other signs of foundation settlement. Look for cracks in walls, floors, tiles, etc. Also, note any water that might be present in your basement or crawlspace. You may note musty air or foul odors in your basement or crawl space as well.

Even though your doors and windows sticking may seem like a small problem, please don’t ignore it. If you even suspect that your foundation is shifting or settling, it is better to get peace of mind and check it out. Our country has seen some wild weather these past few weeks, and with Spring around the corner, the time we see so many foundation problems is upon us. Check out our ECP Dealer Locator to find help around you!

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