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Channel Drain Stops Garage Flooding

Drawing of driveway, arrow indicates water movement toward garage door. Channel drain in front of the garage will stop and redirect water.
Water from a driveway flows into a channel drain before being redirected away from the garage.

Water gushing down a driveway toward a garage can be a stomach-churning sight for a homeowner. Installing a channel drain stops water from reaching the garage.

Water on a paved surface, such as a driveway, has no place to absorb. Instead, water follows the slope of a drive.

A garage is one of the most flood-vulnerable aspects of the home. It also is home to high-price possessions, including vehicles, lawn mowers or snow blowers.

It may run toward the street and a municipal storm drain or open ditch. The water could also run off the driveway into a yard where it can be absorbed. However, if the drive slopes toward a garage, flooding may follow.

For those who use their garage exclusively for storage, the potential loss of precious household items can be devastating.

Even if your issue isn’t as serious as a flooded garage, a channel drain can still help alleviate frustrations associated with standing water or puddling following a storm or as snow and ice melts.

How a Channel Drain Works

Channel drains, also known as trench drains, are designed to divert water away from a garage.

ECP’s Pro Series Channel Drains are pre-assembled, modular and easy to use.

A narrow trench is cut into the concrete along the front of the garage. The trench runs from one side to the other. A U-shaped channel is inserted in the trench and covered with an iron grate, which allows water to enter the drain.

ECP’s Pro Series Channel Drains are pre-assembled, modular and easy to use. The unique interlocking channel design allows each channel to securely lock to the next for a secure, tight fit, eliminating the need for couplings.

Water then flows through the channel to the side of the driveway.

The grate helps keep the drain free of debris which could clog the channel.

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