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Why are 70 Percent of Workers Actively Looking for a New Job?

new jobWell, there are many reasons people might look for a new job, however let’s focus on the main things that will keep them around for the long road!

Flexible hours, extra personal time, bonuses, and some cool office activities are all important tools to boost morale.

However, the simplest and most obvious way to make employees feel valuable is often overlooked –give an attaboy!!



What is an attaboy?


Pronouned: /ˈadəˌboi/
Definitions: exclamation
1. 1.
an informal expression of encouragement or admiration to a man or boy.
1. 1.
a piece of encouragement or congratulations, especially a letter.
“our boss will write you guys an attaboy”

First and foremost, your team will appreciate the recognition for the hard work they’ve put in. Showing gratitude for employees isn’t all warm fuzzies though; your bottom line will benefit too. Not convinced showing appreciation for your employees really matters? Consider these stats:


of employed Americans say they’d put more energy into their work if they were recognized more often.




 percent of people polled believed that skilled employees were not given proper recognition.




 of employed Americans don’t feel that their supervisors recognize them enough for their contributions.




of people who quit their jobs say “lack of appreciation” was their reason for leaving.



new job

Recognition is the number one thing employees say their manager could give them to inspire them to produce great work rather than looking for a new job.

Here are a few tips for expressing gratitude to your team to get you started.

Be Specific

Any expression of gratitude is good, but the best thank-you’s are specific and personal. Calling out specific successes, rather than giving a generic, “Thanks for the good work,” shows your crews that you’re paying attention and noticing their individual contributions to the team.

Be Intentional

new job

Not everyone can afford to spend money as they would like to on employee recognition, whether it be vacation time, a paid day off, or even a small bonus. But meaningful thank-you’s don’t have to be expensive – they just have to be intentional. It’s not about the amount spent on the recognition; it’s about the thought put into it.

A catered lunch on-site, or breakfast burritos before they head out in the morning from the boss means a lot when there is gratitude for good work behind it.

Make It part of your Culture

Cook some burgers and hotdogs for dinner after everyone gets back to the shop, and tell everyone to have a great 4th and presto, you have started a new culture in your organization.  However, that’s not to say you should give your employees a gold star for showing up to work every day. You should always sincerely be grateful when you say thank you; your team will quickly see right through you if you’re not. But do make time to regularly show appreciation for the little things your team does to ensure big wins for the business.

A thought to leave you with!!

We all agree employees shouldn’t get a cookie just for showing up to do their job as they’re getting paid! However, to keep the good ones around and motivated a lot of times it is easy to get swept up in the daily tasks and meetings required to keep your business moving. This summer I challenge you to make time to tell your crews and employees that they are appreciated.

new job



Until next time,

Keep on Diggin!!

Mike Malina
Marketing Guru at ECP

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