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Featured Job Friday: FSS Performs Waterproofing for a Hurricane

Keeping Torrential Rains from Ruining a Beautiful Oceanside Property

Logo for Foundation Support Specialists in San Antonio, TexasECP Partner Foundation Support Specialists were called out to a residential single-family home with a large walk-out basement in Corpus Christi, TX due to the home leaking significant amounts of water in the basement of the property. This particular home had already had waterproofing done in the past, but they had continued problems and contacted FSS to help prevent further problems during the incoming hurricane.

The Foundation Support Specialists team installed two ECP piers to stabilize the slab foundation to prepare the home for the waterproofing process. There is a walkout basement in the home and this mirrored the size and square footage of the floor above. The potential for leaks and seepage were evident to the team immediately. The FSS team needed to install a waterproofing barrier in the basement to make sure that water would not find a way in. The test would be the hurricane that was headed their way, fast.

“Cold” Joint Problems Addressed by Foundation Support Specialists

FSSOnce the home was stabilized with the galvanized ECP steel piers, the FSS team had to get to the task of completing the waterproofing project. A big problem that the team found was a cold joint. A cold joint is the meeting of two casts of concrete that were not poured as one mold. Because of this there is a gap and this can be a problem area for leaks. Old waterproofing solutions that had not worked were removed in preparation for the new system. The area was cleaned and surfaces were prepared so that a waterproofing barrier could be installed. Next, a primer glue was applied to the exterior surface. Once this was complete a waterproof tar barrier was applied to seal the home from any moisture.

ECP is lucky to have creative teams like Foundation Support Specialist in our network of contractors. They replaced a problematic waterproofing system with a waterproofing barrier that successfully kept the home waterproofed during the hurricane. They additionally were able to install a custom sump pump to keep water from collecting in and around the exterior of the basement wall. We can easily see how they went above and beyond for their customers.

ECP waterproofing solutions as unique as the all the homes and people living in them across the country. Every water problem needs to be solved in a way that will work for that specific home. Make sure you have a waterproofing expert like FSS on your side! The San Antonio area is lucky to have them and so are we.

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