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Voice Search & How to Use it for SEO

SEOI don’t know about you but, I use Siri or other forms of voice search throughout my day. I know my wife uses Alexa as well simply because I see the amazon bill every month! As for me, you never know what you will hear coming from my office when you are walking by it however it might be, “Hey Siri, did the new Pink KD’s drop today? Or Siri, “Order me a Large Cheese Pizza from Pizza Hut!”

Research suggests by 2020, half of all searches will be through voice on a mobile device. Are you ready for it?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way people find information. Through voice search devices such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google’s voice search system, information is delivered at the speed of light. “Look up Foundation Repair Companies in Miami”. Voice search is making business owners and their marketing departments think ahead about SEO and the content they will need to produce. In order to stay relevant, your marketing team or agency will need to adjust their SEO strategies to be AI and voice search compatible. So how do you do this? Stay ahead of the competition!

Conversational Phrasing:

Voice search is conversational. People speak differently than they type, so voice search SEO needs to conform to a conversational speech pattern. Forbes suggests using tools such as Rank Tracker. Rank Tracker allows you to type in keywords and then helps you develop language with natural speech patterns rather than shot keywords.

Voice Search Keywords:

Formulate long-tail keywords to benefit from voice search. According to Forbes, SEO long-tail keywords need to be detailed. Keywords are becoming less relevant in voice search. When searching for something manually online, you wouldn’t ask a wordy question, you would type in short key phrases. With voice search, people ask questions and are naturally, conversationally engaged. Instead of just saying “furniture,” add descriptive, even frilly words, to identify this furniture such as “modern art deco-inspired low sofa.” Descriptive, long-tail keywords are necessary for voice search. Who would have even thunk it!?

Voice Search on Mobile:

Mobile is a must for voice search. Search Engine Land reports that over half of all Google searches come from mobile. Marketers need to understand that mobile comes before desktop since mobile devices are readily accessible which means having convenient voice search on your phone.

Voice searches are the real deal and are here to stay. Google’s research suggests 65% of teens and 50% of adults use voice search every single day. Voice search is growing rapidly due to its convenience and usability. Create your SEO strategies to align with voice search to help your brand and company thrive with this newer marketing tactic.

So, how do you prepare content for AI voice searches?

· Try optimizing tweets using Twitter playing cards. This is only for users with a website.

· Gain a good understanding of Google’s Search Quality Rating Program and Guidelines Overview. This is definitely worth the read and a bookmark.

· When creating content, keep in mind that consumers of many ages will read it. Keep language simple, not only for your readers but for voice search.

· Save highly technical language for the office. This post scores 60.7 in the Flesch Reading Ease test which is considered an easy read. That is your goal (as high of a score as possible).

· Insert questions and answers related to your keywords. Search engines will be looking for user-friendly keywords.

· Think of questions that your audience will ask search engines. What questions would you ask?

Siri is just one system of many that can understand speech and voice recognition. And, as speech companies such as Nuance, Verint, and OpenText develop more interactive systems and apps, voice recognition will explode. Over 60% of consumers have started using voice search this past year. Don’t miss out on traffic.

Try increasing how often you search the internet using voice. To learn more, click below or email us today for more information on how to make sure you are ahead of the game!!

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