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There are three main training opportunities each year at ECP. Our goal is to make it easy for you to get training for yourself and your team to be able to install and use the best products available for your customers. When your customers have a good experience, you win! Here is a bit of information about the three main training courses at ECP:

PolyPier Training:

PolyPier Training on site for concrete leveling of a driveway.

PolyPier training classes cover project bidding best practices, pre-project inspections, leveling & measuring instrument training, foam safety and handling, demonstrations on equipment operations and applications in the field, lead generation and marketing, gun maintenance, and training.  Get field training for real-world experience in leveling driveways, sidewalks and more,

Learn about PolyPier as a product, it’s strengths and applications, testing methods, and so much more. Topics vary from year to year based on your feedback and product updates and new applications and use. 

Steel Pier Training:


Classes cover subject matter related to steel piers including load calculations, concentric piers versus eccentric piers, high-pressure hydraulics (how they work and what they can do), pressure gauges (and how they are used to determine pounds), what effective areas of a cylinder are used for, calculating drive pressure and lift pressures before getting to a job, understanding soil borings and how it relates to driving steel resistance piers, understanding load-bearing vs. non-load bearing walls, learn about slope failure, and diagnosing foundation settlement.

Get outside in the field and learn how to install steel piers. Learn how the equipment that is used attaches as well.

Helical Pier Training:

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Get in-depth helical piers training on the following subjects: Learn mechanical strength of steel for flights and shafts, learn to read soil borings and learn what they mean, understand when to use helical anchors, learn about the different types of equipment for determining foot-pounds, learn to calculate loads on a structure, learn about working loads versus ultimate loads, learn about and understand slope failure, and understand the theoretical bearing capacity formula and how it works.

Get hands-on training on how to install helicals for foundation settlement. Also, learn how to install tiebacks for tension applications.

To learn more about any of the training classes above reach out to Aaron Grayham.

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