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The Changing Seasons and Your Foundation

What do shifting temperatures do to your foundation?

We’ve talked about how extreme weather can affect your foundation in past articles, but it’s also important to talk about how the simple change in seasons can also affect you foundation as well. A change in season can mean raking leaves or shoveling snow. It can also mean quickly shifting temperatures. What can this do to your foundation?

concrete expands and contracts with changes in temperatureConcrete Contracts and Expands

When temps drop, concrete can contract. When temperatures warm up again concrete expands. This leads to cracks. Over time, as the concrete contracts and expands continually, the cracks will inevitably grow in size. With Fall here and Winter coming soon homeowners and business owners can expect new cracks in the concrete. Listen closely as the temperatures fall and you will hear popping and creaking noises. This is the changes in the concrete of your structure.

leaves clog gutters and downspouts leading to water flowing to areas around your foundationLeaves Clog Gutters and Downspouts

Fall means falling leaves and this can mean big problems for your foundation. If the gutters and downspouts are clogged water can flow over the top of the gutters and end up in the soil around your foundation. A build up of water around you foundation can lead to pressure on foundation walls. This can cause cracking and bowing of foundation walls. It can also lead to seepage through cracks in the foundation walls. As we have said before, water is the enemy when it comes to your foundation. Simple maintenance of your gutters and downpours can help prevent big problems as Autumn rolls in.

snow and ice melts and saturates soil around foundationsSnow and Ice Means More Water

Winter is coming soon, which means snow and ice. When it melts it saturates the soil around you foundation causing the same issues as mentioned above. Cracks and bowing walls can form and water will find it’s way in through cracks in the foundation walls and floors. Having waterproofing solutions and drainage in place can help. Waterproofing is the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your foundation.

Find Help Across the USA

Our network of contractors are located in almost every state in the USA. If you need help, we will find it. Our contractors use only the best foundation repair products, concrete repair products, and waterproofing products from ECP.  They are certified and trained and ready to answer your questions.

As the seasons change, so does the threat to your foundation. Be prepared, do what you can as a home or business owner, and know the team at ECP is ready to back you up with long lasting foundation repair and waterproofing solutions for your specific problem.

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