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The Case for Creating Content

ECP Case StudyLet’s face it, nobody likes writing case studies, not even me and it’s part of my job however, when it comes to closing deals, over 70 percent of B2B marketers, find case studies to be a critical tool. Why? Case studies provide social proof that business solutions don’t just sound good, but that they work and in our line of work pictures and videos go along way.

Imagine if we put out an ad that said, Welcome to ECP, We Only Care About Marketing! Well, that wouldn’t go very well for any of us. We all know at ECP PRODUCTS MATTER, no need to define that statement and with a strong case study in hand or on your iPad the deal will be a lot easier to close.

So, why are so many of you not using case studies in your marketing mix? I am going to guess it’s because you don’t have the time?

If you keep ignoring case studies, though, you’ll continue to struggle with the final stage in the sales process. Remember, different pieces of content fit into various parts of the sales cycle: White papers are ideal for educating prospects about your services and framing business problems in your favor. Responsive email marketing campaigns can help move your leads through the sales process, keeping them engaged as they consider different options.

But once it’s time to close the deal, there’s nothing stronger than the words of a satisfied client assuaging fears and reassuring the homeowner or business owner that your foundation repair company is the right business for the job!

So, stop procrastinating. Here’s how to get started crafting compelling case studies that close more sales:

ECP Customers1. Select the right clients.

It’s a given that you’ll want to choose clients with exemplary results. Perhaps you executed a robust project under budget and ahead of schedule. Or maybe you completely turned around a customer’s business with a few simple, low-cost solutions.

While it’s great to get a solid testimonial from a big-name client, a compelling story and glowing review from a lesser-known business could ultimately be more valuable for your company. Finally, remember that variety is the spice of life. Opt for case studies that cover a range of industries, problems and solutions.

The content-marketing platform NewsCred, for example, has case studies with a slew of big names, including Pepsi, SAP, HP and VISA. Not only do these case studies tell compelling stories, they also cover a variety of different industries. That makes it easier for potential clients to relate to these stories.

engineers2. Convert; don’t bore.

The same best practices that apply to blogs, white papers and emails also apply to case studies. Keep them simple and interesting, and keep driving the action! Most case studies follow a straightforward problem, action/result format. There’s no need to get overly creative here. Just be sure to customize subheads to match your industry:  Problem, how it was solved, products used / and be sure to name the engineers and others who helped. We will send an outline along with this.


Use video for your foundation repair company3. Boost your credibility and engagement with video.

What’s stronger than reading about a happy client? Hearing those words come straight from the client’s mouth. Video content marketing is having a huge moment, and there’s no better way to embrace the power of video than to use it in your case studies.

Video is also an ideal format for keeping leads engaged with more complex topics. For example, Dalinghaus Construction does a great job on site explaining what is going on from start to finish, take a look here!

Bottom line:

Remember, a well-balanced content program needs content for every stage of the sales cycle, not just the awareness and evaluation phases. Case studies are the secret sauce for closing more B2B deals faster in the decision step. By eliminating friction in the final stage of the sales cycle, case studies will alleviate your customers’ concerns and drive their consensus.

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