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Permanently Fix a Settling Pool Part III | Ask a Registered Engineer

A Successful Pool Repair Requires Evaluation and Design. In order to permanently fix a settling pool, engineers will recommend a geotechnical soil evaluation before preparing a swimming pool repair design. A successful pool repair requires careful evaluations of soil, pool construction, and the support capacity needed to guarantee no future settlement will occur. A geotechnical…

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permanent solution for pool settlement

Permanently Fix a Settling Pool Part II | Ask a Registered Engineer

POOL SETTLEMENT REQUIRES A PERMANENT REPAIR SOLUTION The first thing to understand is that the continuing settlement of the pool suggests that the soil below the pool has insufficient strength to support the weight of the filled swimming pool. A permanent solution for settlement is to install structural underpinning with sufficient capacity to reduce, or…

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permanently fix settling pool

Permanently Fix a Settling Pool Part I | Ask a Registered Engineer

“Two years ago we mud jacked our cracked and settled pool. Today our swimming pool is worse than before we repaired it. How do you permanently fix this problem?”  This is a common complaint amongst pool owners. After I walk you through what is happening in the ground, you will understand that mudjacking isn’t a…

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Do I Have to Pack up My House Before Foundation Work Begins?

Ask a Registered Professional Engineer Series By: Donald J Clayton, PE – Registration No. TX37112 “Must I Pack Everything” “My husband and I have signed a contract to repair our foundation. I am very worried about damage to photos and items on the walls and shelves. Must I pack everything safely away before the work…

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