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#FeaturedJobFriday: Small Things can Mean Big Problems

Sometimes it is the most mundane problems–like sticking windows–that are an indicator of a foundation problem. We see it all the time. This week’s Featured Job Friday is a perfect example of that. 

KC Waterproofing is located in the Kansas City AreaThis past May, KC Waterproofing was contacted about a job in Belton, Missouri. The homeowner was experiencing windows that stick. Upon further inspection, it was found that the concrete flooring inside the home was separating as well. While sticking windows or doors seems like a small inconvenience, it is a well-known indicator of a much larger problem: foundation settlement.

Sticking Windows: Humidity or Something Worse?

Home and business owners usually attribute sticking doors or windows to increased humidity. Obviously, that has been a problem around our area in Kansas City recently, and many other places across the country. But it’s important to recognize that it could be a foundation problem causing this issue. Doors and windows are moving when the floor settles so they don’t fit correctly in their frames. In this case, there were other indicators too, so having an inspection for other common foundation problems is important.

The crew at KC Waterproofing used ECP 350 Piers on the west and south sides of the property. Piers are driven deep into supportive soils where it is highly compacted. A bracket is then used to secure the pier to the foundation. Once the pier and bracket are securely attached the weight of the home is transferred to the piers. Note that each foundation repair situation is different and it is important to have an inspection performed to make sure the foundation repair solution fits your needs. ECP offers numerous types of underpinning and piering products for all situations.

Great job KC Waterproofing, and Kudos to the customer for recognizing that sticking doors or windows could be a big deal! It’s important to be educated and know the signs of foundation problems, no matter how small.

ECP Piering system to resolve sticking windows & foundation settlement issues sticking windows & separation of the concrete foundation from the house sticking windows can indicate foundation problems

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