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Promotional content has flooded social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram over the years. Additionally, new ad products across digital channels has generated a lot of noise, reducing engagement rates, and in some cases, ad blocking by users. As a result, it’s important to recognize the importance of original content. Original content and original stories sell an experience.

The Case for Original Content

Original content allows you to make engaging content that also speaks to the audience on a personal level and forges a positive connection. Original content makes a positive connection between a brand and their audience.

Original content is written or visual content that is unique to your brand and your brand alone. The most important forms of original content include:

Blogs: Long-form written content that usually involves scouring information from studies or other sources to enforce the point of the article. This content is great for elevating SEO because of the possibility for backlinks, or links that connect back to the blog from other sources like social media or other blogs.



Videos: Live visual content that can be used across almost any form of brand promotion, including websites, blogs and social media content. Videos are especially engaging and leave an impression on the audience.



Photos: Visual media that can be used across any and all promotional platforms but are generally less engaging than videos. If you are going to use photos for promotion, they should be exceptional and eye-grabbing.





According to Edgy, original content has become so hard to curate that brands are using old ideas and taking a different stance or view to making them seem like “new” ideas. However, this does not impress consumers. Your employees are your best asset when brainstorming ideas for original content. They can provide a look into your company that would otherwise not exist. This transparency from a brand can form such a lasting impression on the audience that it can be the difference between consumers choosing your brand over another. According to Business2Community, 91 percent of consumers are willing to reward a brand for authenticity, and 35 percent note that trust in a brand is a top reason to shop at a retailer. The medium and type of content are key in building that brand-consumer relationship.

Video is the best medium to capture those kinds of [authentic] stories, but behind-the-scenes photos will do the job. This provides a sense of transparency to your consumers which will instill trust in and a connection with your brand.

Keep in mind that a well-researched article which provides valuable information to readers is more likely to be shared on different social media platforms than just basic, run of the mill copy. This kind of content also keeps people interested enough for them to leave comments or suggestions.

In a time where clickbait and deceiving posts are everywhere, it’s almost hard to come across high-quality content. So, when people encounter valuable content, they not only read and absorb it, they also make it a point to share it with their friends and family members.

The point of all of these ideas is — you guessed it — to make a connection with your audience. Breaking down the wall of a brand to reveal what your company truly is: the people.

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