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Project Of The Year Deadline

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Submission Deadline

For the past few years, Earth Contact Products has chosen a Project of the Year award to recognize partners who do exceptional work. The submission deadline for 2020 is Thursday, October 1st. We at ECP look forward to reviewing all applicant projects. Every year, we see excellent craftsmanship from leading partners around the states. Furthermore, we anticipate our quality products making strides for a variety of projects including polypier, light pole foundation, and utility production to name a few.

2019 Award

Last year’s 2019 award went to Atlas Piers of Atlanta, Inc., and SEMO Mudjacking and Piering. In fact, they were honored with this reputable award at ECP’s annual Drive Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. Because of their consistent quality of work, they earned the top prize. For instance, this project came with unique challenges, yet both companies were able to collaborate effectively; complete the production process in a timely manner and under budget. Additionally, this specific project had its disruptions because of proximity to wetlands, and the high involvement of government agencies. Although this was a tough design to complete, both Atlas Piers of Atlanta,Inc. and SEMO Mudjacking and Piering achieved great success.

Partnering With ECP


Are you considering partnering with ECP? There are valid reasons to partner with us. Firstly, we consider our partnerships meaningful and completely necessary to do quality work. We understand that without these relationships, ECP would not be the thriving company we are today. Moreover, we value collaboration and transparency amongst our partners in order to achieve our highest of goals. We strive for quality work, quality products, and quality service.

Ultimately, we want our partners to excel in the field. Therefore, we are committed to improving the skills of each team member. This includes training partners on new products and coaching partners on ethical business practices. In the end, we want all of our collaborators to have the tools necessary to run an ethical and quality foundation business.

Again, our team pledges to give our partners quality products and quality service. In fact, at ECP ” our greatest asset is our people. Our team is as solid as the American steel we use in our products. Our team includes experts in geotechnical and structural engineering, construction, foundation repair, foundation assessment, training, and installation of repair products to name a few.” Along with our American made products and our partnerships with numerous foundation companies, we also collaborate with other qualified industry partners. Here is a list of our current industry partners.

Please consider teaming up with ECP for all of your product and foundation needs. If you can already call us a partner, and you and your team completed a challenging project, feel free to turn in your project submission by October 1st. We look forward to reviewing exceptional work!

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