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Partner Spotlight: NCFI

This month’s partner spotlight falls on one of our preferred vendors: NCFI. They are one of our partners for our PolyPier product. They specialize in polyurethane foam, making the best product in the industry while providing the training and expertise to back it up. Here is a little history on them:

NCFI has been providing foam solutions for over 50 years.


polyurethane foam concrete liftingFoam has been in demand in a variety of industries, and for a growing number of applications. NCFI offers a complete line of flexible foams for everything you can think of. This includes furniture seating, transportation seating, bedding, carpet underlay, spray foam insulation, and packaging. NCFI has partnered with ECP to create a product that is a permanent solution for sunken concrete. Polypier is the perfect solution to fill voids and lift concrete in numerous applications from driveways to parking lots and everything in between.


This is the perfect time for ECP to give a shout out to our partner NCFI. The week of April 1-5, 2019 we are hosting our PolyPier class where more than 20 contractors will get hands on training and further education on the Polypier product line. NCFI and ECP both pursue excellence in our products but also in the customer service we offer and the relationships we build. We are so proud to partner with this great company.


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