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Parking Lot Lights Are A Bright Idea

The parking lot is the first impression customers make of your business. Using parking lot lights to provide a well-lit area is a bright idea.

Parking Lot Lights Promote Safety

Parking lot lights help keep your customers and employees safe. A well-lit lot has advantages for both drivers and pedestrians.

When there’s adequate lighting in a parking lot, drivers are able to better see other vehicles and pedestrians as well as curbs, parking lot striping, or road signs.

Pedestrians can see potential tripping hazards or other obstacles in a brightly-lit parking lot. A well-lit lot ensures customers don’t need to fumble in the dark to find their keys or put packages in their car.

Parking Lot Lights Prevent Crime

Vandals are more likely to damage property when their actions can be concealed.

Parking lot lighting illuminates a business’ exterior, reducing opportunities for vandalism.

Good lighting improves the quality of a surveillance system video. Parking lot lighting is a way to protect your company’s assets.

Parking Lot Lights Improve Aesthetic

The truth is, most people won’t notice good parking lot lighting. But they will notice a lack of lighting. The customer experience starts in the parking lot.

A dimly or darkly lit property can appear poorly maintained. If you’re not willing to properly light your parking lot, a customer might wonder if quality standards are lacking elsewhere in your business as well.

All your landscaping or building curb appeal efforts will be in vain if customers can’t see them.

ECP Light Pole Foundations Can Help

Graphic cross-section of an ECP light pole foundation
ECP’s Light Pole Foundations can help illuminate your parking lot

ECP’s light pole foundations are economic and environmentally friendly.

The ECP light pole support anchors are a quick and reliable foundation method for at grade and above-grade applications to support street, site and parking light poles. 

Worker installing ECP light pole foundation
An ECP Light Pole Foundation is installed

The ECP light pole support anchor systems are installed with hydraulic rotary equipment that turns the foundation into the ground with the assistance of a helix-shaped plate that acts as a screw for ease of installation.

The light pole foundations can be installed in all weather with no spoils created. There’s no concrete cure time and the foundations have immediate loading capabilities.

ECP products are Made in the USA and the light pole foundations are perfect for permanent or temporary applications.

ECP Foundation Repair Financing
ECP Foundation Repair Products


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