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Innovative Design Makes ECP Sump Basin Ideal

The innovative design of ECP’s sump pump pit basin makes it the most efficient, safe and innovative sump pump liner available today.

Drawing of ECP's sump pump basin
The bell shape of ECP’s sump basin allows it to collect more water.

ECP’s sump basin has a unique patented bell-shaped design. The larger base allows more water to collect at the bottom of the basin.

Design Prevents Short-Cycling

As a result, the bell shape keeps more than twice the amount of water surrounding the sump pump, thus preventing short cycling.

With its enlarged capacity and ability to prevent short-cycling, the ECP sump basin increases the life of your sump pump system.

Made in America, ECP’s sump pit liner system stores 20 gallons of water. Competitors’ sump pit basins can only store 9 gallons. 

More water volume means fewer pump cycles. Fewer pump cycles means a longer lie for your sump pump equipment. 

Basin Built for Toughness & Reliability

The single-piece seamless basin is injection molded structural foam polyethylene and provides superior structural toughness and reliability. 

The strong reinforced bottom will not buckle, deform or puncture, even under the harshest soil or groundwater conditions.

The ECP Sump Pump Basin can be used as part of an entire basement waterproofing system.

Because it performs as a subsurface drainage system, the ECP sump pit reduces soil moisture content, thus reducing your basement humidity levels. 

Lower humidity levels mean less chance for mold growth and elimination of the musty “basement smell.”

The sump pit’s optional perforated sides allows previously trapped groundwater to freely enter the system, alleviating any potentially damaging conditions. 

The engineered design creates a natural well effect, which will eliminate hydrostatic (water) pressure around and under your home by creating a dry basement.

Childproof Lid Makes Safety a Priority

Your family’s safety is a priority, and the ECP sump basin comes standard with a clear, childproof recessed lid which is bolted down to the sump pit.

The safety lid provides a clean, flush-mounted finish with neoprene gaskets to properly seal the unit.

The water-tight seal stops subsurface moisture and mold from reaching your living space. That creates a healthier, more energy-efficient home environment. 

ECP’s sump pit can be installed solely for radon mitigation or used as a component in an effective drainage-radon mitigation system.

ECP’s sump basin is part of its industry-leading sump system designed to pay for itself in a matter of years.

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