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How to get more local customers

These 6 strategies can help attract more customers in your geographic area:

1.   Make sure you are listed online.

2.   Review your website.

3.   Get busy on social media.

4.   Wrap it Up.

5.   Buy online ads

6. Try a new platform like Home Advisor

Now, let’s go through the checklist for finding more local customers.

1. Make sure you are listed online

Most local customers/prospects look online for everything from where to eat dinner to what to do if my foundation is cracked? Make sure your business appears in all the major web listings — or claim the listing they already have for you. Remember to update your listings whenever your address, phone or hours change.

·      Google My Business

·      Bing

·      Yelp

·      Better Business Bureau

·      Angie’s List

·      Merchant Circle

You can find a complete list here.

2. Review your website

Make sure it works on smartphones and tablets. More people are using their mobile devices to search for local services like shoe repair, dry cleaning, restaurants, and even attorneys. If your website won’t work on their smartphones, they’ll move on to one that will.

Copy and paste your site’s URL (the whole string that shows in the browser window at the top of the screen) into Google’s Mobile Friendly Test tool. Fail the test? Next steps:

·      Hire a web developer to change your website’s code, if you are unable to do it yourself. How much this cost will largely depend on your website’s platform (e.g. WordPress).

·      Build a new website that’s responsive (it “responds” to the user’s device, whether that’s a laptop or a smartphone). Bonus points if the site can be built on a smartphone.

Make sure it speaks Google’s language. Search engines like Google are your friends, since many of your future customers will use them to find your shop or service. Learning how to make search engines pay special attention to your website is well worth the time and effort.

Use WordPress for your website? Add the Business Profile plugin. Business Profile is a free add-on that helps Google find and display your business’s name, number, directions, hours and more. Download this free 5-star plugin to get your WordPress site in front of more clients.

3. Get busy on social media

If your target customers are spending their time on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you and your business have a great opportunity to connect with them.

Create business accounts on FacebookTwitter and, especially if your products or services play well in a visual format, Instagram.

Start sharing useful tips, photos and links to helpful articles your clients might like. Include a photo and a link back to your website with every post.

Add the Facebook logo and your Twitter handle to your website and blog, business cards, shop window — everywhere.

Respond to anyone who mentions, direct messages or “tweets at” you. This is a good way to keep happy customers coming back and unhappy ones from writing negative reviews of your business.

Learn how to use Twitter hashtags.

Try Facebook’s Instant Articles to create fast articles on Facebook. If you have a WordPress blog, install the Instant Articles for WP plugin to speed up your post load time on Facebook

Get TweetDeck or Hootsuite. These apps make it easy to see what your customers are saying about you on social media. Read and respond to all your mentions and messages from one dashboard.

Start using Buffer — it allows you to write posts in advance then schedule them for automatic posting on Twitter, Facebook and more.

4. Wrap it Up!

Get your mind out of the gutter, I am talking about your fleet of cars! Whether you cover the entire fleet or just a few what better way to get noticed in your areas! This kind of advertising can be very effective. Everyone who sits near you at the stop light will see your business ad.

We all use trucks for business (well except me, HA, inside joke), so have your business name, logo, phone and web address wrapped on it and park the truck near the road when it’s not in use or strategically at job sites! This will blow you away:

The average vehicle driven 15,000 miles per year will pass in front of 9 million other vehicles. 30% of mobile outdoor viewers base their buying decisions on ads they see. One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 – 80,000 impressions daily.

Seriously, check out these numbers! . It will act as a mobile billboard. Be sure to check state, city and Homeowners Association rules (if you’ll be parking the vehicle at your home but it should not apply at job sites) before you wrap them up! Make it a goal for your sales team for example, whoever has the least amount of sales this month has to drive the company wrapped car an hour a night after they are done during rush hour in front of your targeted markets, again just an example!

5. Try Social Media Ads

Facebook/Linkedin Ads. Show ads to likely customers whenever they are physically close to your business. Create an ad right from your Facebook Page via the Promote button, set a budget, choose a photo and create an engaging message for the people in your area. Own a restaurant? Learn how to use Facebook advertising for restaurant marketing.

Twitter and Instagram ads. 

Buy ads or “sponsor” content on TwitterInstagram or LinkedIn.

The key to more business is knowing how/where customers look for your services and making sure your business shows up in those places. Work through this list, checking off the freebies one by one. In 3-6 months’, time, you should see an increase in the number of customers who are finding you, and that means a better bottom line and that is how you going to looking for jobs to being booked out for months at a time! 

I want to add on last thing.

6. Home Advisor

A lot of ECP’s contractor’s love using Home Advisor as well. They think it is worth every penny! Following up on leads is how you grow your business as everyone is not buying today, so start filing your pipeline, following up on leads your sales guys/gals spoke to 3-6-9 months ago in some cases! Being prepared is another step in the growth of your business so go get it!

Start defining your needs, and your goals! Don’t compare yourself to the other companies that you think are doing it right, let them look at YOU and say Damn, what are they that we aren’t doing right!

 Track the success of your marketing campaigns:

1.    #1. Website Analytics. Let’s start with the most basic way to track your marketing campaigns. …

2.    #2. Ad Network Conversion Tracking. …

3.    #3. Phone Tracking. …

4.    #4. CRM Tracking. …

5.    #5. KPI Dashboard Tracking.

Then come up with systems and process to track the other marketing efforts you are doing!

Here are 5 tools that you can use to easily get started in measuring your marketing campaigns!

1.    Social Analytics. Each social channel has some kind of analytics built-in. …

2.    Google Analytics. Here is the meat and potatoes of your tracking efforts, and better yet this tool is free! …

3.    Campaign URLs. …

4.    Hashtagify. …

5.    Klout.

The Time Is Now* to lead the way and ECP is here to stand behind you and there is no better time to start then the present. Think about this as well, with the holidays upon us everyone will be on Social Media so in my opinion I would be hitting that hard and heavy, but that is just me! 

Let me know how else we can help! You should be receiving an email with your blank playbooks, if you don’t see yours please feel free to reach out!

Until Next time!

Keep Diggin,

Mike Malina

ECP Foundation Repair Financing
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