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#FeaturedJobFriday: Hidden Foundation Problems

Dalinghaus Construction Resolves a Problem Uncovered by a Flooring Company

Dalinghaus Construction in Southern CaliforniaFor this Featured Job Friday we are going to talk a little bit about foundation problems and how you identify you need foundation repair. There are numerous symptoms including cracks walls, tile, or drywall. Countertops can pull away from the walls, floors can slope, doors and windows can stick. The reason we bring this up? The job we feature today occurred because of a problem that was hidden away under flooring. Dalinghaus Construction got a call from a customer that was replacing her flooring and found seven large cracks in her foundation slab when the old flooring was removed. The flooring company wouldn’t install the new flooring until the cracks were repaired. The types of cracks the customer had can be an indication of foundation settlement. The customer researched on the internet and found Dalinghaus Construction and gave them a call.

A Solution for Foundation Cracks

foundation cracks repaired

There was no measurable differential in the floor’s elevation. This means the foundation had not settled, but just cracked. The cracks were caused by either lack of rebar support or a failure on the part of the company that poured her concrete. The Dalinghaus team was able to use carbon fiber staples along the cracks about every 18 inches and epoxy was injected to cover the staples and fill the cracks.

Why did we highlight this job? Two reasons: First, it’s important to know ALL the signs of foundation problems. If one is not visible, you might notice the other signs and know you have a problem before it is too late. Second: Not every foundation problem means huge foundation repairs. If you catch problems early the solution might be carbon fiber staples or straps or crack injection. Know the signs and get them inspected by a professional like Dalinghaus Construction!

To learn more about carbon fiber repairs, click here and learn about our partner Rhino Carbon Fiber. To learn more about crack injection click here. To find an ECP contractor in your neck of the woods, click here.

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