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#FeaturedJobFriday: Q&A – Can Foundation Repair Leveling my Sloping Floor?

Bay Area Underpinning Foundation Repair in the Bay Area of CaliforniaWhen homeowners call in to our My Foundation Repairs team, a question we hear quite frequently is “Can foundation repairs fix my sloping floors?” The answer can be yes! Here is an example from Bay Area Underpinning in the Bay Area of California that does just that. Steve Egloff and his team at Bay Area Underpinning used twelve ECP Steel Piers and were able to recover three inches of floor elevation for a property in Novato, California.

Bay Area Underpinning used ECP PPB 300-UF steel piers in a home that had floors that had settled. They were installed the side and back of the home where the elevation was lost. Steel piers allow for quick installation using small, hand dug excavation so the job was performed quickly and with minimal disturbance to the yard and home.

The Steel Piers Solution for Unlevel Flooring

Can foundation repair fix my sloping floor?The photos to the right show the process. Small excavations were dug around the area where the piers would be installed (image 1). Then a foundation repair technician does preperation of the concrete footing. Then, an ECP brack is mounted to the foundation of the home. (image 2) The pipe portion of the piering system is then driven into the deep soil that can bear the weight of the home. The pier is load tested and then the structure is moved back to the original elevation as close as possible. The final step is to restore the area to it’s original condition where excavation occurred. The final pier installation is shown prior to this step (image 3).

In this case the interior flooring was badly damaged so the engineer on the project ordered additional supports for the interior of the home. While damaged flooring may need to be replaced, the cause of the damaged flooring is now resolved and the homeowner can feel confident that the problem won’t happen again.

Bay Area Underpinning did an excellent job, making sure that all facets of the problem where resolved. It is nearly impossible to detect that the structure had repairs, but the homeowner can rest assured that their home is structurally sound.

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