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Eliminate Pool Deck Hazards with PolyPier

Do you find yourself tripping over uneven concrete on your pool deck? PolyPier, a polyurethane concrete leveling product, may be the solution.

Your backyard pool should be an oasis. It’s a place to relax and get away from the worries of the world, but buckling, sunken or settling concrete makes your pool deck hazardous.

Pool deck concrete with vertical crack
Sinking concrete on your pool deck is a tripping hazard.

With 10.4 million residential pools in the United States alone, the backyard pool is a classic feature.

Concrete susceptible to ground movement

However, pool decks, like all other concrete surfaces, are susceptible to ground movement.  

Wet periods, which can be caused by rainfall, snowmelt, or a high water table, cause the ground to expand.

Edge of swimming pool with a giant crack running along the pool deck.
In addition to ruining the aesthetics of your pool, cracks can be a safety issue.

During a drought or other dry period, the ground contracts. The cycle of expansion and contraction puts pressure on a concrete pool deck, causing it to shift and move.

Seasonal temperature variations are rough on pool decks. 

In the winter, rain and snow melt can run into concrete cracks. Freezing water will expand, placing pressure on the concrete, resulting in cracks and damage.

Likewise, during the summer, the hot sun beating down on the concrete heats the surface and causes it to contract.

The seasonal cycle of expansion and contraction takes its toll.

PolyPier offers a concrete leveling solution

PolyPier, by ECP, is a state-of-the-art solution to your pool deck problems.

PolyPier is a two-part polyurethane (flexible foam) concrete leveling product launched by ECP in January of 2018.

The PolyPier concrete-specific geotechnical foam system is lighter in cubic foot weight than traditional cement slurries, easier to apply, less intrusive and simpler to clean up. 

PolyPier injection device at work on sidewalk concrete.
PolyPier, a polyurethane concrete leveling foam, is injected beneath the damaged concrete.

It’s less invasive than traditional mudjacking and more cost-effective than total concrete tear-out and replacement.

How it works

When the PolyPier system is used, ⅝-inch holes are drilled in the pool deck to be used as injection points.

PolyPier polyurethane foam is injected through the holes, filling the space beneath the concrete deck.

The foam then raises the concrete to its original level position. 

All PolyPier systems are closed-cell, by design, which reduces or eliminates water infiltration around slab sections, ideal for pool areas where water is a constant feature, whether it’s the splashes from a cannonball diving contest or the drips of water running off swimsuits and towels.

ECP’s PolyPier system will eliminate your uneven concrete issues, leaving you free to enjoy your pool.

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