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ECP’s Guy Anchors Offer Support

There are thousands of dollars of equipment atop your utility pole. Give it the support it needs with ECP Utility guy anchors. 

For years, the electric distribution industry has relied on ECP helical anchors for tower and pole foundations as well as guy anchors. 

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Our helical guy anchors are used in the utility, cell tower, and wind turbine industries.

As the largest consumer of helical anchors, the electric power industry has embraced ECP Utility’s helical anchors for their many benefits and reliable performance.

Anchors adaptable for soil conditions

A complete line of power installed guy anchors are available and with various rod and helix size combinations, we can adapt our anchors for various loads and soil conditions.

Power Installed Anchors can help install anchors in all soil conditions, including rock and debris that stop most anchor installations.

Single, double and triple eye anchor nuts are available for each power rod size, along with guy anchor adapters for square bar transmission anchors.

utility transmission tower
ECP has the helical anchor and accessories to fit the needs of the electric distribution power industry

The use of helical anchors as deep foundations has decreased installation times and increased job site performance due to their verifiable capacities.

Adapting helical anchors to various above grade apparatuses is essential to provide a full service to the power industry. Various beams, grillage, etc. can be attached to the helical piles to resist structures from overturning forces.

From RUS approved square bar transmission anchors and round shaft tower and substation anchors to our RUS approved Power Installed Anchors and No-Wrench anchors for distribution guy anchoring, ECP has the helical anchor and accessories to fit the needs of the electric distribution power industry.

ECP recommends that only a registered engineer design and oversee the application of helical anchors when used in foundation repair or new construction projects. 

The Engineering Department of ECP Utility is available to recommend and facilitate the correct helical anchor for a job site’s specific needs.

ECP products are Made in America.

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