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Air Quality Challenges

Earth Contact Products strives to create quality products for all of its clients and partners alike. Therefore, air efficiency this time of year is particularly important. With the changing seasons, and increased precipitation in the fall months, air quality challenges in the home can become more noticeable. In fact, between allergy season, muggy crawl spaces, and wet basements, the air quality in your home may be suffering. Even worse, you may begin to smell foul odors originating from mildew. We want to avoid this. Specifically, ECP and its trademark products can prevent all of your air quality challenges.

Crawl Spaces and Air Quality

You may be wondering how crawl spaces, basements and air quality are connected? Well, they actually go hand in hand. In fact, the air quality in the lower levels rise to the higher levels in the home. So, if your air contains pollutants or toxins, those elements will stray to other areas of the house without proper ventilation or waterproofing fixes. According to the National Center for Healthy Housing, “The level of moisture in the home is crucial to achieving a healthy home environment.” In fact, “too little moisture in the home can cause dryness of the nose and respiratory systems, while too much moisture in the home contributes to numerous health impacts, health hazards, and structural home damage.” In essence, understanding air quality challenges is a must.

We Can Help

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Sump Pump Series

Contact Us today to learn more about our waterproofing and foundation products that can help increase the air quality in your home. We have several solutions that can prevent moisture from getting into your lower levels. These include:crawl space encapsulation, vapor barriers, sump pump installation, crack injections, among others. Read more about products that keep your basement and crawlspaces void of moisture. Call us today!

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