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#FeaturedJobFriday: Condos Taking on Water in Wisconsin

Waterproofing along the Fox River in Green Bay, WI

ABT Foundation Solutions Neenah, WisconsinThis week’s Featured Job Friday comes to us from Wisconsin and our friends at ABT. Dave Brehmer shared a recent job that was a really big undertaking. The Riverside Place Condos in Green Bay, Wisconsin had a basement and underground parking and both were taking on water. The problem began in 2015 and got progressively worse each year. In 2017, they reached out to ABT Foundation Solutions in Neenah, WI to come to take a look.

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The Condos are located on the Fox River in Green Bay. Depending on the elevation of the river, structures along its banks can be in for water problems. By the time ABT did the inspection, depending on the elevation the condos could take on anywhere from 1-6 inches of water. As water would rise, it would seep in through seams in the concrete and around the structural columns. The water had nowhere to go.

The Waterproofing Solution

The team about ABT removed 814 square feet of concrete at the lowest portion of the building where the water always came in. They proceeded to remove dirt and gravel under the slabs to create a trench for the next part of the project. Drain tile was placed at the bottom to collect water and redirect it to fiberglass sump basins. ABT installed quite a few inspection and flush points so that future monitoring and maintenance was easier. Gravel backfill was placed around the drain tile and was tamped down prior to putting in new concrete.

Riverside┬áPlace Condos were so pleased they wrote a letter or recommendation to ABT Foundation Solutions. They stated, “Throughout the project, we were impressed by the level of commitment by you and your team to successfully implement a solution to our problem.” Congratulations ABT Foundation Solutions on a waterproofing job well done. Commitment is a word that means a lot to the team at ECP, and we are proud to work with ABT Foundation Solution as a partner.

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