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 Common Foundation Problems

Common Foundation Problems

Foundation Failure Signs – Know the signs before it’s too late.

Detecting common foundation problems in your home or your business will not only create a safer environment but may save you money n the long run. Whether you have doors that won’t close, drywall cracks, cracks in concrete floors or stair step cracks in brick, understanding these situations will lead you to the source of the problem. ECP is dedicated to providing the most extensive information about structural repair issues and their comprehensive solutions.

When inspecting your home look for the following common foundation problems. Our network of foundation repair contractors can also provide homeowners with an inspection if you notice any of the following signs:

Inside of Housecommon foundation problems inside the house

• Cracks in drywall
• Doors and windows that stick
• Cracks in floor or tile
Misaligned doors and windows
• Trim or molding misaligned
• Torn or wrinkled wallpaper


In the Basementcommon foundation problems in the basement

Walls leaning in or out
• Cracks in the poured or block walls
• Water leakage through cracks at base of walls



Outside of House

• Gaps around doors and windows
Cracks in foundationCommon Foundation Problems in the Garage
• Cracks in the bricks
• Fascia board pulling away
• Chimneys are tilting or leaning

In the Garage

• Separation from door
• Wall rotating out or bowing in
• Cracks in the brick
• Garage column cracks

If you have common foundation problems and need help, call us!

Contact us through our form to the right or click on the link to locate a dealer at the bottom of the page. We will put you in touch with one of our dealer partners. They can help you find the repair that suits your needs and your budget. From steel push piers to helical torque anchors, we have solutions to prevent future foundation failure. All ECP products are made in the USA and are backed by our ECP warranties. To learn more about our foundation repair and underpinning products click here or contact us today.

Also – click here to learn about common water problems. 

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