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When you build your dream house, ensure foundation issues don’t make it a nightmare later on. Helical Torque Anchors from Earth Contact Products (ECP) can be installed during the construction process and will negate the effects of changing soil conditions.

Installing ECP Helical Torque Anchors at a construction site.
ECP Helical Torque Anchors are installed during construction.

Homeowners spend more than $150 billion every year on home improvements and repairs. Dealing with basement water issues or cracked and crumbling foundation walls can be costly and stressful. 

Foundation issues may prevent you from selling your home should you want to move. Being trapped in a home that feels like a money pit can lead to numerous sleepless nights.

Soil conditions – especially those in predominately clay areas – are in constant flux. Alternating periods of wet and dry weather causes soil to expand and contract. 

Shifting and unstable soils put at risk the structural integrity of a foundation.

The movement puts hydrostatic pressure on foundation walls, which can lead to a number of basement issues.

Starting your construction project with a firm foundation will help eliminate the need for costly repairs later.

Machinist fabricating a steel ECP torque anchor
ECP products are proudly Made in America.

Install Helical Torque Anchors

ECP’s Helical Torque Anchors are Made in America. During construction, the anchors are hydraulically placed in the ground.

The anchors are placed at a predetermined depth based on soil data and by measuring torque during installation. The amount of torque required to install a helical anchor relates to its installed capacity.

Piles are installed at intervals between footing forms. The piles tie into the steel gridwork prior to concrete being poured.

ECP’s Helical Torque Anchors can be installed in areas of limited access using small equipment.

They’re designed and engineered to perform and install with little or no vibration. Soil removal from the site is unnecessary.

Benefits of ECP’s Helical Torque Anchors

  • Decreased installation time
  • No concrete delays
  • All-weather installation
  • Verifiable capacity
  • Installed below active soil layers
  • Low installation cost

Help ensure your dream home provides a firm foundation for you and your family for years to come. Rely on ECP’s Helical Torque Anchors during construction.

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