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ECP’s Guy Anchors Offer Support

There are thousands of dollars of equipment atop your utility pole. Give it the support it needs with ECP Utility guy anchors.  For years, the electric distribution industry has relied on ECP helical anchors for tower and pole foundations as well as guy anchors.  Our helical guy anchors are used in the utility, cell tower,…

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Empty parking lot at night with a single light illuminating a solitary figure

Parking Lot Lights Are A Bright Idea

The parking lot is the first impression customers make of your business. Using parking lot lights to provide a well-lit area is a bright idea. Parking Lot Lights Promote Safety Parking lot lights help keep your customers and employees safe. A well-lit lot has advantages for both drivers and pedestrians. When there’s adequate lighting in…

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solar panels

Solar’s Bright Future is Made in America

Solar energy has a bright future in the United States. Solar panels and solar arrays are being installed by residential, business and utility customers across the nation. Increasingly, they want solar components Made in America. According to research by SEPA (Smart Electric Power Alliance), the solar market grew by 20.1% in total capacity in 2018.…

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channel drain

Channel Drain Stops Garage Flooding

Water gushing down a driveway toward a garage can be a stomach-churning sight for a homeowner. Installing a channel drain stops water from reaching the garage. Water on a paved surface, such as a driveway, has no place to absorb. Instead, water follows the slope of a drive. A garage is one of the most…

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plate anchor

Plate Anchors Fix Bowed Walls

Curves are good on mountain roads, graphic charts, and winding rivers, but a curve in your basement wall means trouble. Bowed walls are a serious foundation issue but can be fixed with plate anchors. A basement foundation wall is leaning inward is considered bowed. Bowing occurs when there is excessive lateral pressure from soil surrounding…

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foundation settling

Water is a Foundation’s Biggest Nemesis

Water is a foundation’s biggest nemesis. Water causes the soil beneath a home to move, resulting in settling, cracks, bowed walls, and other foundation concerns. A home’s foundation comes in direct contact with the ground. The foundation’s primary purpose is to join the structure of the building to soil or rock beneath. However, the partnership…

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Connect Sump Pump to Dry Well, Not Sewer

For decades, it was common for sump pumps to discharge directly into the sanitary sewer system. However, every year, more and more communities ban the practice. The solution? A dry well. THE PROBLEM All drains in your home, including floor drains, sinks, laundry tubs, toilets, and bathtubs drain directly into the sanitary sewer. The water…

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sump pump

Do you Know What a Sump Pump Is?

Can a sump pump help you sleep soundly? For some homeowners, the sound of rain pounding against a window can be a calming guarantee of a good night’s sleep. For the homeowner whose basement floods, the deluge of water is an anxiety-inducing nightmare. A sump pump can be the difference between sleeping soundly through a…

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home investment

What do Foundation Repairs Cost?

A settling foundation can unsettle your bank account. Unexpected foundation repairs may cause cracks in a homeowner’s financial security and lead to questions about how to finance vital fixes. Because a foundation is – quite literally – the foundation upon which a home is built, for peace of mind, and to prevent problems from escalating…

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ecp team

Why are 70 Percent of Workers Actively Looking for a New Job?

Well, there are many reasons people might look for a new job, however let’s focus on the main things that will keep them around for the long road! Flexible hours, extra personal time, bonuses, and some cool office activities are all important tools to boost morale. However, the simplest and most obvious way to make…

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