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ecp steel piers

Which is Better: ECP Steel Piers™ or ECP Torque Anchors™? Part 2

D.J. Clayton, PE is part of the Engineering & Training Team at ECP.  He will be sharing engineering topics on our blog so check back frequently for updates from Don. By D.J. Clayton, PE We continue with Part 2 of the discussion to answer the question, “How do I determine which is better: ECP Steel…

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ecp steel piers

Which is better: ECP Steel Piers™ or ECP Torque Anchors™? Part 1

D.J. Clayton, PE is part of the Engineering & Training Team at ECP.  He will be sharing engineering topics on our blog so check back frequently for updates from Don. By D.J. Clayton, PE There are many options from which to choose when selecting foundation underpinning. In addition to steel resistance piers and helical screw piles,…

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Coffeetime with Mike: Videos and Why they Need to Be Done

Videos have not only become an inseparable part of our personal lives but also a valuable tool for our business promotion. People watch a lot of videos and share them with their family, friends, and colleagues. Here at ECP we have started Coffeetime and have had a great response and a lot of feedback, hence…

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World of Concrete

ECP is at World of Concrete!

ECP is in Las Vegas at the World of Concrete conference right now! We will be here January 22 through January 25, 2019. We hope to see you there, and if you’re looking for a reason to come—this is it! What is World of Concrete? The World of Concrete trade show is the largest annual…

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foundation professionals of colorado

ECP Partner Spotlight: Foundation Professionals of Colorado

Foundation Professionals of Colorado is located in Colorado Spring, CO. The owner of Foundation Professionals of Colorado, Chad Miller, and his team pride themselves on being experts in their field. They believe in keeping their customers as informed and educated about their foundation as possible throughout the foundation repair process so that they are able to…

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Introducing our New Product: PolyPier

In February of 2018 we released our new product called PolyPier. This product fixes cracked, moving, or sinking concrete. The applications are endless! PolyPier can fix concrete steps, sidewalks, driveways, patios, pool decks, slab floors, and more. This cost-effective, yet efficient product is a great option for concrete repair. PolyPier is easy to install; it…

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foundation repair FAQs

Marketing with Mike: FAQs Provide the Easy Answers

By giving people an easy way to learn about you while answering their most common questions in a short, consise way, you can keep people on your website longer. The longer they remain on your website the more likely they are to turn into a customer. FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions are a great way…

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Foundation Repair Company Marketing

Marketing Minute with Mike Malina Vol. 1

Our Marketing Guru, Mike Malina, will be posting videos with helpful tips and marketing information. Our goal is to be there to support you with any marketing related questions you have. Stay tuned for more videos and articles from Mike.

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Have cracks in your bidding process? ECP has you covered. Just in time for World of Concrete ECP introduces ECP LINQ. With our fast moving and changing world it’s important to have a solution for the bidding process to help with your business opportunities. ECP LINQ has partnered with Foundation Accelerator so you can leverage…

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winter woes for your foundation

How to Protect Your Foundation in Snow DRIVEN Conditions

If you think your foundation woes are over, come winter, you’re not alone. Because heavy rains are the most common cause of foundation water damage, it’s easy to forget that snow can be just as detrimental. Nevertheless, winter snow will liquefy when temperatures rise above freezing , making it very similar to flooding conditions after heavy…

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