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2020 Project of the Year Winners!

Congratulations to the two-time winner: Dalinghaus Construction!

Project Overview: The impact of earthquakes in California can vary on a daily basis as well as the impact(s) that they can have on the various structures.  The same can be said with the solar structure that Dalinghaus Construction was asked to help repair.  This solar field was impacted by an earthquake at the beginning of 2020.  This earthquake caused the earth to settle below some of the transformers and other various buildings within the heart of the solar plant.  This settlement caused the pads to settle by 6” and rack some of the framing of the towers.  When we met with the client they were on the brink of having to shut down the plant due to the misalignment and dangers of lines snapping.

Challenges: With some of the project’s towers sitting on 30’ caissons, we had to come up with a design and a pile system that would allow for the lifting of these back into place to remove the racking that was currently happening to the towers.  We spoke with Waypoint Engineering and Team ECP  to come up with a concave flush mount pier bracket for the ECP 350 push piers.  This bracket was able to then hug the side of the caissons for complete contact without having to add cement or grout to provide a flat surface for the pier bracket.  On top of the caissons needing to be lifted, we also had to lift a massive transformer that had settled.  The pad design of the transformer was different than most pad designs.  This pad had a center depth of 48” thick along with an exterior shell that was utilized to capture any liquid run-off from the transformer so it would not leak into the existing soils around it.

SolutionsDalinghaus Solution: Waypoint Engineering came back with a design that was going to utilize (122) ECP PP-350 Concave Flush Mount piers and (62) ECP-PP-300 Retrofit piers.

For the caissons, the concave piers were placed on opposite sides and installed to an average depth of 35’  The structures around the solar field utilized the standard PP300 bracket system.  The transformer pad utilized standard Flush Mount PP-350 piers on the inside and exterior of the pad and tank.  Piers were spaced every 4’ o.c. and installed to an average depth of 35’  Once the piers were installed the structures were all lifted back to within the required tolerances to allow for the plant to continue operations as a safe level.  This project was completed on the graveyard shift taking just over 2 months to complete.

Installers Name: Isaac Stern, Dimitri Pierce, Jon McConnell, Andrew Feigenbaum, Anthony Saenz, Carlos Chavez, Matthew Merrick, and Ryan Reyes

ECP Steel Products Used:

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